You got a friend in me

American writer Elbert Hubbard once said, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” (This is a great definition of a partner, too.) Hopefully, most of us are blessed enough to have some true friends in our lives. They can lighten our burden and support us in our times of need.

Many of us have a friend that we know we can count on for anything. They will listen to us vent, hug us while we cry, got our back when we feel we’ve been wronged, and take our phone call at 3 am when we need to talk. We can dump anything on them, and they still stick by us.

But as important as it is to have someone by our side during the worst times, it’s just as important that we keep them by our side in the best times. Yet when things are going great, are we as quick to reach out? Do we also let them celebrate with us, play with us, see us at our happiest? 

Unfortunately, the tendency for many of us is to lean on them with the bad, but become a little more forgetful in sharing with them the good. Often we share our best times with ‘friends’ whose loyalty we’re not quite so sure, typically because we don’t want to risk scaring them away by letting them know ‘all’ about us.

We need to be sure to reward our faithful friends. Let’s take the time to evaluate our friendships and make sure we’re spending just as much time sharing with them the joys of our daily life as we are leaning on their shoulder with the struggles.


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