Wake up Africans

My heart bleeds for Africa
Failed leadership has affected the entire continent.,our politicians are the continent ‘s demons, the curmudgeons,nihilists rerouting our destiny ,the reason for our subhuman existence.
Time has come for people to be united,strong and ready for a  change.Those that know something should rise up and reclaim Africa from the abyss,this is no longer the time for huff and puff- life goes on-business as usual .if not the next generation will be so ashamed that we are their fore bearers,they will be highly disgusted with us.
It is an all- round-shame  to see countries awash with arable lands,naturally endowed with human, natural resources living in abject poverty,it gets you roiled,dipped in tears.
The youths got their lives stolen by these charlatans because it is a blatant truism to say  there is correlation between corruption and underdevelopment,
With so much insecurity, corruption, weak technological base, declining manufacturing base, high rate of unemployment and crimes and generally bad image,you begin to wonder if Africa was really the hub of civilization..et  c’est trop triste..ca rend dingue..Wake up Africans.

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